Price rise of £5 to all services from 1st June

Couples massages are available on Saturdays. To book in please email us.

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Massage Deals and offers available every month

3 for £55 - 90mins 

Customize your package from a variety of treatments, each treatment will be 30mins.

Choose from:

Back, neck and shoulders


Indian Head Massage 

Holistic Facial


2 for 1  £40 

30mins Deep Tissue Back, Neck and Shoulders massage + 30mins Cupping

The best complimentary treatments for muscle tension.

Pure Therapy Clinic Workshop

Massage Workshop for Couples

This workshop is perfect for couples who are looking to connect with their partner, while also having a fun, relaxing time.

Half-day workshop (3 to 4 hours).


Massage Evidences Pure Therapy Clinic

Evidences of Swedish massage benefits

"Swedish massage has shown beneficial effects for multiple populations and can be used as a therapy. Its use in disease prevention is highly recommend"

National Center for Biotechnology information  

What the Science says about the Effectiveness of Massage

"A lot of the scientific research on massage therapy is preliminary or conflicting, but much of the evidence points toward beneficial effect on pain and other symptoms associated with a number of different conditions."

"A 2008 research ... concluded that massage may be useful for chronic low-back pain."

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health