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Massage Therapist

Liverpool, UK

Job Type

Self-employed / part-time



About the Role

As a self-employed massage therapist, you have the flexibility to create your own schedule, but it comes with a significant dedication to meet our standards.
Your primary duties involve delivering top-notch massage services to Pure Therapy Clinic's clients.
We provide all the essential materials you'll need for your sessions.

It's important that you maintain your professional appearance by wearing your own uniform, and you must have your insurance coverage in place.


Job role includes:

  • Consulting with clients to gauge their massage needs and preferences and adjusting techniques to meet their individual needs

  • Ability to offer Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Swedish Massage.

  • Ability to offer other massage techniques such as holistic treatment or acupuncture welcoming.

  • Within appointment slots from 30mins to 90mins.

  • A keen eye on attention to detail, noting red flags and knowing when to refer to other practitioners.

  • Able to build strong rapports with patients and other practitioners.

About us

We are a small business that was founded in 2014. All of our therapists are self-employed, and we collaborate to promote and grow our businesses collectively.
Our unwavering commitment to a strong work ethic drives our daily operations.
Our aim is to help clients by restoring balance and harmony to their lives and to promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

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